2003-03-05 21:15:48 ET

Yes! I have a day off tomorrow. This makes me happy. It's about fingerlickin' time I had more than one day off in a week...that didn't include hiding, that is.

i really have nothing interesting to say tonight....i thought I did...but I don't...so I guess the best thing to do would be to shut up :P

2003-03-05 21:18:20 ET

Speaking of having days off...I know that my store is hiring for cafe if yer interested :)

2003-03-05 21:34:52 ET

hrmmm...how much do they pay?

2003-03-06 11:21:47 ET

not enough....hiring at 750, but might be able to get you 8 since you have experience.

2003-03-07 01:31:18 ET

hrm...I'm making almost 8, now with no transportation costs, atm. I think I'll probably stay where I'm at for now. I worked things out with my manager, so things aren't as dramatic, anymore.

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