2003-03-08 12:20:57 ET

So, I got the original Zelda game and an NES emulator for my puter....I am wayyy too addicted. It sucks, though, cuz I don't have time to be addicted to my game :[ But it's ok. It's fun....

Ugh...having no food in the hous sucks rocks...i think I'll make me some macncheese...n;stuff...yeah...macnnnchheeeeezzzz...feel the power of the macaroni...with macaroni, I will CONQUER THE EVIL GANNEN AND SAVE PRINCESS ZELDA!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

2003-03-08 13:11:00 ET

Mmm.... zelda.

2003-03-08 21:22:52 ET

::like morpheus:: yesss :]

2003-03-09 08:30:41 ET

You cannot deny the power of mac aand cheese! It has the power! To do what, I have no idea...but its really powerfull. Really...

On another note, w00t Zelda! My god, I haven't thought of that game in ages ;P

2003-03-09 09:16:19 ET

Hehe...yeah, I told Loki that that's the game I'd want, if I were to get a game for my puter...and he said that I would have to start from the beginning...so the rest is history :]

2003-03-09 09:37:42 ET

one cannot play the later Zelda games without a history lesson

2003-03-10 11:30:27 ET

and what a fine lesson it is, professor...oh...by the way, professor...do I have to stay for detention again today? >;]

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