why am I not in bed?
2003-03-13 14:46:04 ET

I came home early from work today due to cold sweats, dizzy spells and stomach cramps. Ugh...why am I not in bed? Stupid internet addiction...Big J, you are not the only one who is a geek :P

I was so miserable at work, i even forgot to pick up my tips0rz....blah...


2003-03-13 18:56:44 ET

Awwww. Well take care of yourself, don't die or anything.. :))

2003-03-13 19:42:11 ET

Poor hun! Git sleep! And if you need anything, you call me and I'll hook you up!

2003-03-13 21:44:33 ET


Drink plenty of fluids..yadda yadda...you know the ropes! And most of all... SLEEP!

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