2003-03-14 18:46:34 ET

Ordered some more hair stuff from this awesome site. They rock. Gonna start putting black and burgundy dreds in me hair (got burgundy okayed with work). YAYYYYY...I also ordered a fringe of bangs in a V-shape...so I'll sew that into me hair, too and I will rock everyone's world...or something....ha ha...

I CAN"T WAAAAAIIIIT for my hair to arrive...in fact, I'm so excited, that I'm gonna go work on the black dreds :]


2003-03-15 01:03:13 ET

awesome :-D

you should do my hair sometime ;-P

im always bored with it

2003-03-15 08:38:28 ET

Doll!!! Bangs are way easy to make!!!! Don't spend the moneh!!!

2003-03-15 11:01:41 ET

Lars: Well get your butt over here, then!! hehe :P

Starr: Yeah, they totally are, but I'd have to spend the money, anyway, cuz I'd want to make them out of human hair. I may have spent a little more ordering them pre-made than what I would have if I made them myself, but I have a shitload of dreddies to make, and time is tight, but I'm good on mula, atm.

2003-03-15 11:25:25 ET


2003-03-16 21:09:35 ET

lol...one day ;-P

2003-03-17 13:38:40 ET

we could tag team Lars!!! (his hair that is) Muahaha

You should try and go to DG tonight, it's the 10yr Anniversary! My car is full, or I'd offer a ride.. but you should TRY to go!

2003-03-17 15:21:31 ET

I'm goin, lady! :] I think I might be snaggin' a ride with Diana, but I'm not sure...if not, I will be bartfarting with Rachel-lady :]

Yeah! I get the left side!!! :]

2003-03-17 21:42:48 ET

thatd rawk


i love gettin me hair done

2003-03-18 10:15:12 ET

mwahahahahahaaaaaaa ;]

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