2003-04-08 07:41:53 ET

I ate the remainder of my nipples last night. I wish I had saved some, but I couldn't resist their buttery richness....yum...I will make more, soon.

So my vacation starts this sunday...I'm so excited...the only thing I'm kind of upset about is that my new makeup job starts next thurs...dammit. MY VACATION!!! :[ grrr. I had to fight off Waylon and tell him that I absolutely would not do anything for the movie that week, as I'm already doing something for someone else's movie, and it's my friggin vacation...you want my vacation time?? Pay me. :P It's ok, though...this director is one of the actors from John Doe. Very sweet guy, and it'll be fun...I just didn't want to do anything next week but fun stuff.

I'm excited, though...My good friend Danielle #1, Waylon, Loki and I are gonna go for a picnic and eat cheese and maybe drink some honeywine...it will be good...fun will be had...and we will go to DG afterwards...and I'm so looking forward to it.

Anyhow, I obstained from smoking last night, and am super grumpy...so I'm gonna go have a smoke and cheer the fuck up :P

2003-04-08 20:59:18 ET

Nipples? If I'm nice, can I eat your nipples. Hrm. What the hell are you talking about? I'm not a big fan of other chick's nipples, but I might make an exception for yers... :)

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