2013-01-07 19:30:31 ET

I know there are more interesting things to write about. I literally have a list of things that I want to write on here and let them float away into cyperspace, but right now I am addicted to a tv show. Damn cable.

Have you seen the HBO show "Girls"? I honestly don't get why I love this show. I think it is my crush on Andrew Rannells (if you don't know who he is, IMDB him. You will thank me. AND he has one of the most amazing singing voices which he showed of as one of the leads in "The Book of Mormon". He has a small part in this show and he always lights up my tv when he's in a scene.

Anyway, this show... I honestly don't know my attraction. I guess they describe it as girls of the 21st century starting out in NYC. First time I watched it I thought it was crap: the writing, the acting, etc. but I gave it another chance and I wish I didn't because now I watch it whenever I have the time.

2013-01-07 19:39:44 ET

Welcome! We've been waiting for you....

2013-01-07 20:29:07 ET

Thanks! Good to be here amongst you all.

2013-01-08 03:22:55 ET

I hadn't considered watching it til I saw that Judd Apatow was the executive producer. I may give it a watch, now. I don't have cable though, so it may be a while.

Yaaaaayyyy you posted!

2013-01-08 04:05:40 ET

Won't be hard for me to get. :)

2013-01-08 04:06:35 ET

Newsroom, too!

2013-01-08 04:37:45 ET

I'm not a RedBox, okay?

2013-01-08 04:41:34 ET


2013-01-08 10:31:22 ET

Maria knows my addiction to Aaron Sorkin so I can not stress this enough:


Don't waste your beautiful brain on "Girls". It's too late for me, but save yourself!

And if it isn't trouble getting things...check out "Book of Mormon" well worth the energy looking for a bootleg copy.

2013-01-08 11:15:53 ET

I've been in a serious west wing drought. It's honestly been years since I've seen an episode. I reeeeeeaaaaaalllly want to watch newsroom.

2013-01-08 11:30:36 ET

the SUCCESSFUL chic that wrote it and acts in it or something like that, hates bio aka dan and i think they dated or something.

therefore i like that you like the show. it shows taste and class.


2013-01-08 11:37:21 ET

Also, I heart your avatar.

2013-01-08 18:24:10 ET

Thanks to you both!

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