The world is being overrun by idiots.
2013-03-13 09:22:23 ET

Afternoon, everyone!

I played hookie from work yesterday to head into town for the Houston Rodeo. It's a pretty big event here and it is full of animals, fried food, cowboy hats, and people. I have loved moving to Texas and the first gift I asked for was a pair of cowboy boots so I was loving every minute of it. I even gave loving pats and scratches to a cow <3

The day ends with a huge concert inside Reliant stadium. My pesudo mom Sheree came with me and she was rocking out all day in her little scooter. When it came time to get to our seats she found a place where she could sit in her scooter and get a great view so I sat in my seats by myself. nbd.

I was enjoying the rodeo and the beginning of the concert in open seat bliss when two ladies mid 30s asked me if the seats next to me were taken (Sheree's seat plus two open ones next to me on the other side). I know I should have said yes, but the nice side of my brain answered for me and I told them that they were free. Now, the performer last night was Kenny Chesney and I am not the biggest fan of him, but I paid for the seat so you damn well know I am there to enjoy a concert. Apparently these ladies had another plan and it was to discuss the men in their lives over the music. Unfreaking believable. I started to plug my ear that was to them to give them a hint that they were annoying and a concert wasn't the place to catch up on what happened earlier that day. They finally got the hint and moved to another seat. They said they were "cncert hopping" I say, shut up and enjoy the music.

I don't know if this all ticked me off because of the new ADD medicine I am on (which makes people's bullshit less tolerable) but I was so glad they left so I could enjoy the concert. Blech.

2013-03-13 10:14:55 ET

Common courtesy to not talk and stand in front of people at a concert. They have coffee shops if you really want to catch up on someone's life.

2013-03-13 15:39:51 ET

I dunno. That's why when I go to a concert, I want to be in the pit, because I have to stand up. If I'm in the assigned seating area, though, common courtesy dictates that you remain seated except maybe to stand up and applaud. It sucks because in a setting like the rodeo where people are coming and going, people seem to be less attentive to the performance than normal. You should've roundhouse kicked them to the throat.

2013-03-17 20:27:02 ET

I don't mind if people need to go in and out of the row. It is what it is. But keeping up a conversation while there is a concert going on is what bugged me. Oh well. Not a biggie :)

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