fuck this shit
2004-11-27 06:55:15 ET

you know what? fuck you as well. i'm tired of putting up with this shit that you started in the first place. i tried to make peace with you, going out on a limb, but you're still going to treat me the same way? well sister, i don't stand for that kind of treatment, and you have definitely messed with the wrong woman. he's not going to see you again for quite some time, if i can have any say in it (oh, and i do). so just go off in your corner and mope and whine and be the blubbering goth that you are and cry while eating a box of donuts, wiping away the excessive black makeup that is dribbling with your tears.

2004-11-20 06:45:13 ET

i spent all of my paycheck last night on my date with jon. i'm not used to feeling free with money, but now that i have $2,000 coming in the mail next week from my mutual fund i feel i can afford it.

got my license renewed, we drove to fells point, walked around and i bought some jewelry for my lip piercing, got 2 CDs: Deicide and Megadeath, bought jon this really neat ring that's a bunch of intertwining thin rings hooked together, ate dinner at Ding How, went to get coffee, drove back here, caught up with jonathan (his roommate), we all watched Pecker together, i got drunk, we walked around campus for a time while jon and i talked about a lot of things and i got a lot of weight off my shoulders, smoked too many cigarettes, came back, had some fun, went to sleep.

ken better not have to work long today cause i havent seen him in forever and i want to see my friends in silver spring.

2004-11-19 05:42:31 ET

so this week has been the most taxing on me in a long time. i worked 10 less hours than i was scheduled for, but at least my job is sympathetic to migraines.

today's going to be busy too, and i'm not sure my body will comply. i have to drive to columbia (the city) to renew my driver's license, deposit my paycheck, and travel out to Fells Point with Jon for our first date in a long time. afterwards i'll prolly get back and curl up and cry myself to sleep, but hey, what else is new?

We got Hocico's new album in the radio station a couple weeks ago, and i've been playing the hell out of it. how can it be SO GOOD?

2004-11-17 16:09:06 ET


2004-10-10 08:09:35 ET

how long has it been since i last updated here? for a while i had even forgotten that this place existed. i've been over at livejournal. username xenianth.
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