2005-01-14 17:19:42 ET

yeah yeah, i'm still alive. people just need to say something interesting.

knowing is nothing compared to understanding
2005-01-12 17:25:34 ET

new photos here, look and comment please.

2004-12-28 17:44:59 ET

i love winning.

i also love being able to see vnv nation on thursday!

it's that time of the year again
2004-12-11 14:17:18 ET

i am so sick. well, better than a couple of days ago but i still just want to curl up and sleep all day. either that or just hack my lungs out and get it over with. i get bronchitis at least once every year; fun times.

in other news, i saw Dog perform in DC's The Christmas Revels, which really wasn't christmasy as much as it was winter solsticey. it was really good and i think Dog did a great job in his singing and acting. i would highly recommend Revels to anyone who likes a good performance.

i have work to do for the end of the semester, but i'm updating in here instead. le sigh.

2004-11-27 06:56:16 ET

on a lighter note, i had a nice Thanksgiving. still waiting for my mutual fund check to get here in the mail, but i did some nice shopping for loved ones and am going to make muchos cookies today.

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