2006-12-23 11:59:35 ET

So I just spent a collection of hours doing last-minute Consumermas shopping. It took AN HOUR just to drive down my main road from the mall to home, which is prolly a total of 5 miles at the most.

And now I have to wrap this shit? Goddamn I hate the holidays.

At least I know I'm getting The Burning Crusade for xmas.

2006-12-23 13:36:08 ET

i hate wrapping gifts all together.......it's even worse when you know the paper is just going to be ripped up and thrown away

2006-12-23 14:11:42 ET

I know.. I've always made my gifts look very pretty when wrapping them... this year I said fuck it and threw them together haphazardly.

2006-12-23 15:59:04 ET

i used sunday comic paper and just wrapped the gifts....special friends got better wrapped gifts.......i know that sounds bad, but eh, i don't have time anymore to be the martha stewart of my family anymore

2006-12-23 16:26:39 ET

My aunt and uncle used to do that for our gifts growing up.. we always loved it because it was something "special" that only they would do.

2006-12-23 17:00:55 ET

the holidays are awesome. minus the awesome part.

2006-12-24 07:57:03 ET

Yeah, I have a large divorced immediate family which is fucked-up, and then my extended family is Irish Catholic.. I have about 20 cousins and 7 aunts and uncles. This year is going to sooo blow...

2006-12-24 18:45:49 ET

irish catholic symbols are just awesome

2006-12-24 23:53:25 ET

"unfortunately, still no photo"

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