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2007-03-10 06:12:43 ET

Ugh. Aren't weekends for sleeping in and doing whatever the hell you want?

I had to wake up early today to go to the post office to pick up a package before they close because they can't leave them at the door or the punk-ass ghetto kids will steal them. Then I have to go to my parents and clean up Xmas stuff (yeah, their tree is still up) to help pay off my car down payment debt.. as I'm going to be doing every Saturday forever now. Then I'm taking my brother out to see 300 for his birthday. Hopefully I'll have some time to myself today, and actually get to see some people I like.

Tomorrow I have to get up early because my mother is celebrating my brother's birthday, and I HAVE to be there. Yay fun.

I still have to get the rotten banana stain out of my carpet.

2007-03-10 14:17:42 ET

in the words of donkey kong, OOOOH BANANA.

2007-03-10 18:12:25 ET

this was more like EEEWWWW IS THAT A BANANA

2007-03-10 18:43:21 ET

and then you ate it.

2007-03-10 19:29:09 ET

just like this.

2007-03-10 19:31:58 ET


2007-03-10 19:34:13 ET

its bananas!

2007-03-10 21:18:17 ET


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