2007-04-08 06:28:07 ET

I had a dream last night that I moved to L.A. to pursue a graphic design job that I was offered, and it turned out that Lars worked there as well. He lived in some Chinatown district. Then the dream switched to a lot of sexual themes for the next several hours.

I'm now down to 205lbs, making my total weight loss thus far 13lbs in a month and a half.

Ever since I reformatted my computer Mozilla and other programs aren't working properly AT ALL. And I don't know why. Like, it's taking me double the time it should to type up this post because Firefox keeps pausing and I have to wait for the text I've just typed to load. WTF.

2007-04-08 07:11:42 ET

You update ALL your drivers after the reformat? I've been told the best way to do it is the chipset driver, the video driver, then sound driver and the rest... Idk if it'll fix it, but I alwayus have weird problems after a reformat until I do it. Then my pc runs faster than flash gordon.

2007-04-08 08:21:02 ET

I figured out the problem. It was Norton. Once I disabled the auto-protect, everything started working normally again.

2007-04-08 09:31:35 ET

Lol, see I wouldn't have guessed that... mainly because I have no idea about anything norton related. lol

2007-04-08 17:01:28 ET

well then. damn i never have dreams about moving to l.a. and you and sex ):

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