2007-04-08 18:08:06 ET

I need to stop having such vivid dreams that work their way into my head so deeply. Now I'm seriously considering what it would take for me to move to L.A.

I would have to make at least $42,000/year however. And find a place to live and work.

2007-04-09 02:19:27 ET

i feel special! my dreams all suck lately. and not in a good way ):

and that figure is really ballpark. there is a "general housing cost" for l.a. but its pretty much bunk. what you pay to live here varies greatly from place to place...you just have to hunt a bit to find affordable+good to live in. its by no means expensive everywhere...i know some people living comfortably on a lower income than that...but yeah you need to look around a lot, usually.

2007-04-09 05:37:54 ET

Well, maybe you can get a decent job and we can get an apartment together. In Compton!

2007-04-09 14:52:23 ET

well, compton is where my hoes at.

2007-04-10 18:53:12 ET

I didn't know Compton was full of hairy gay men. :P

2007-04-10 20:33:51 ET

of course it is! gay hairy men with big black dicks! :-D

2007-04-11 07:29:59 ET

Just the way I like em.

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