2007-04-12 08:12:37 ET

Made $50 the other night within a few hours of putting up an ebay auction for these ridiculous Pocket Dragons my mother keeps giving me. Luckily other people seem to think they're worth a lot of money.

Selling my dresser for $40 this weekend, and another book for $10.

Going to put up my old car stereo sometime today, as I can't use it in my Prius. That should fetch me around $60-80.

Hopefully all of this will give me enough money to book my flight and hotel for my impending trip out to L.A. The more I think about it, the more antsy I get about getting the hell out of MD.

Part of me though is apprehensive that I'll just find the same old drama and heartbreak that pervaded around me here. I suppose you can move to the ends of the earth, but still not be able to escape yourself.

2007-04-13 05:15:56 ET

people suck generally most everywhere in different ways. however, i like l.a. cause its got a nice balance of every type of person...it's the closest thing i've found to humanity actually co-existing - as much of a mess as that can be at times...i love it for what it is. there's stuff in l.a. that you just won't find in other cities in america

2007-04-13 07:22:56 ET

Well yeah... but my point was that I don't want to move all the way across the country to have my only base of people I know there fuck me over like has happened here.

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