2007-08-06 16:07:23 ET

Err... so I was stupid and late for work on Friday so I just pulled on whatever socks I could find and my new boots and walked the 7 blocks to work. By the time I got there I already had a huge-ass blister on my left heel. I took the boots off and I had happened to put on the only super-thin-with-holes-in-the-heels socks I could find.

I had my brother walk over to give me my sandals, popped the blister, and put a bandaid on it. IT'S STILL HEALING and I couldn't wear boots to the club on Saturday; I wore my lame-ass ribcage flats and I STILL had to go home early cause it hurt too much.

Why is fashion so fucking painful?

2007-08-06 16:15:04 ET

Ugh, blisters suck to no end.

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