2007-08-12 07:00:21 ET

I just downloaded all of Metallica's discography.

I feel highly satisfied at the irony.

2007-08-12 08:40:37 ET

I'm telling Lars.

2007-08-12 10:41:34 ET

say what?

2007-08-13 15:58:57 ET

no rly, what you gonna tell me?

2007-08-13 16:47:48 ET

Ulrich mang, Ulrich.

2007-08-13 16:48:36 ET

i do not know what that means! but i believe i had an older relative named ulrich. WHAT HAVE YOU DIONE WITH MY DECEASED EXTENDED FAMILY!?

2007-08-14 02:31:38 ET

*patpat* it's okay, little rivethead. Lars Ulrich is the drummer to Metallica and was at the forefront of the assraping adventure which took down Napster and started the RIAA's wars on downloaded music.

2007-08-14 10:40:33 ET

yeah i actually knew that. i was just playing retarded. d-:

"larz" ulrich pronounces his own damn name wrong anyway so he's probably not even a true norseman like me! he should pretty much just be shot.

2007-08-14 14:30:30 ET

...how do you pronounce Lars?

2007-08-14 14:36:58 ET

its supposed to be pronounced with a hard s sound - it rhymes with "arse" and "farce" - it does not rhyme with "mars" or "bars". its a proper name of scandenavian heritage and pronunciation. its not the plural form of an ancient roman god

2007-08-15 13:06:11 ET

well aren't you viking.

2007-08-15 13:24:56 ET

damn strizzaight

2007-08-15 17:23:45 ET

but on your voicemail you say larz.....

2007-08-15 18:30:03 ET

no i dont...i pronounce it correctly...its subtle d-:

2007-08-16 07:20:48 ET

Spencer knows a Norweigan couple who named their kid Lars and pronounces it LARZ

2007-08-16 13:56:20 ET

theyve been americanized d-:

trust me, i grew up in the midwest which is permeated by norwegians and germans. the correct pronunciation is with a hard s.

2007-08-16 14:00:50 ET

i'm still right.

2007-08-16 14:42:33 ET

I don't think there can be just one way to pronounce a name...

2007-08-16 17:50:54 ET

theres the correct proper scandanavian pronunciation and the american-english bastardization which is 'larz'. thats not the proper pronunciation, its fixed to fit into english phonics rules, and its not an english name or word. d-: pronouncing it 'larz' is like pronouncing 'tortilla' tor-till-a d-:

2007-08-17 09:51:23 ET


2007-08-17 11:19:59 ET

my great grandfather who i was named after (as well as several other older relatives that i met in north dakota) had migrated here directly from norway themselves and could speak fluent norwegian. trust me, its the correct pronunciation d-:

2007-08-17 11:24:21 ET

Unless of course there is no correct way to say a name...

Maybe that's just how people from Norway who migrated to North Dakota say it. :)

2007-08-17 11:28:31 ET

click here, click on 'lars', and hear a damn ACTUAL NORWEGIAN FROM NORWAY pronounce it O-: <

there is a correct way to pronounce it...americans just like to bastardize names from other countries. "ramsteen" anyone? d-: or how about some "feend flugg"? honestly. d-:

2007-08-17 11:31:12 ET

also for the record, ANDY LAPLEGUA from NORWAY who lives in NORWAY who i have HUNG OUT WITH PERSONALLY on SEVERAL OCCASIONS *ALWAYS* pronounces my name this way.

2007-08-17 13:41:34 ET

How do Germans pronounce the name Lars? What about French people?

Or is it magically only America who ruin things like always.

2007-08-17 13:46:15 ET

only americans mispronounce it thus far that i've met. i work for das bunker, the US's largest industrial club. we put on shows of bands from all over the world. everyone from nearly every other country (particularly european) that i have met pronounce it instinctively with a hard s. and i have met many people from germany, sweden, france, belgium, norway, the uk, and japan d-:

2007-08-18 06:09:02 ET

i'm going to call you larz from now on. :P

2007-08-18 14:32:42 ET

i will beat you repeatedly with an inflatable flamingo!

2007-08-19 06:43:37 ET

And I'll just step on your shoulder and have you under my control. :P

2007-08-19 14:19:54 ET

if you say so ;-P

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