2002-07-30 12:37:43 ET

I wish I had something to say other than the mundane. Something that will make you think, ponder over for a few minutes... But that is not the case right now, so I go back to my dark corner and contemplate life.

2002-07-30 12:41:33 ET

what else is there left to say that isn't mundane? i've heard so many stories and there's really very little variation... no wonder people get bored so easily :-\

2002-07-30 13:30:25 ET

Hmm... maybe somebody should invent cyber-acid, a form of LSD that can be sent as an attachment to e-mail! Then you could tell us mundane things and they would sound special! But the sound waves would be attacking us! ATTACKING!! CURVY LINES I SEE THEM I SEE THEM

2002-07-30 16:49:25 ET

Faint you brighten my day. Have a cookie!

2002-07-30 20:48:09 ET

Well, it's not like it was ENTIRELY my idea. The sound wave thing actually happened to a few friends of mine.

2002-07-31 08:09:19 ET

Give them cookies as well. I am feeling generous today.

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