2002-07-31 15:36:08 ET


I dyed it today and all of the white-blonde parts on the bottom half of my hair are now crayola washable marker GREEN! Green is my favorite colour. It it very beautiful. And green.

I look like Lego grass!!

2002-07-31 15:42:25 ET

lego grass? hehe ok greenie! ;-P

2002-07-31 15:57:04 ET

There's a Coil song called "I am the Green Child." I was gonna reply with the lyrics, but I can't understand any of them enough to transcribe them.

2002-07-31 15:58:26 ET

i have green hair..i dyed it like 2 days ago..yeah...green is a sweet color...muhahhahaahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha

2002-07-31 16:19:29 ET

I love green.... *sighs and pets hair lovingly*

2002-07-31 17:49:54 ET

me too....my hair is greener than the picture...my camra sucks...

2002-08-01 07:13:17 ET

Yeah.. I updated my scanned face with it and my scanner turned most of the green hair a weird red-brown colour.. and I really couldn't fix it up in Photoshop.. o.O

2002-08-01 08:26:24 ET

that sucks

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