2008-04-27 17:53:41 ET

I can't keep track of all these blogging devices.

Catch me on Myspace or Livejournal.

2008-04-27 22:25:26 ET

myspace sucks for blogging and livejournal just plain sucks in every way d-:


2008-05-04 02:44:34 ET

i dont use myspace for blogging

and all of the people i know and keep contact with are on LJ

2008-05-04 03:36:20 ET

eh...i use myspace to keep in contact with most of those people if i can't contact them some other way and also for promotional stuff cause it's userbase is so huge that using any other website instead is pretty much pointless. i just don't and have never liked how lj is designed and much of what i see on there seems to be melodramatic boring dotardism (i think i just made up a word with that one). i have an lj account that i log into maybe once or twice a year tops if i ever have to read something that one of my my less-than-5-friends on there just OMG COULDN'T POST ANYWHERE ELSE AND OMG I JUST HAS TO SEE IT!!1.
sk is still the most functional network/blog site i've ever used and is still the place where i've met the most lifelong friends i have on teh internets.

2009-01-08 04:45:55 ET


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