Boots and college
2002-08-19 09:32:43 ET

I start my first year of college on Saturday. Wow. I am still in a haze about it. I just packed up about half of my belongings this morning, and it's..weird. I've never moved away before.. this will be a whole new experience for me. Hehe! I am, like, SOO excited!! *giggle* </sarcasm>

And I bought new boots! I have big feet; I got size 9 men's but I they are a bit too big, I would do better with an 8 1/2 but they didn't haev half sizes.. grr.. BUT I AM UB3R NOW WHOO

2002-08-19 11:02:49 ET

SUH-WEEET boots i need to get some new ones i think im gonna go buy police issue ones cause they look neat

2002-08-19 11:05:15 ET

jungle boots aren't bad. they breathe well but i prefer my jump boots...the old style ones with the zipper up the inside :-)
...good luck with college!
what school are you going to?
is it far from your house?
do you know what you're going to be majoring in?
...i've never moved out for college i've always just commuted there and back everyday. and i graduate in december. im excited and a bit nervous about that!

2002-08-19 14:09:22 ET

Yeah, these boots are really comfortable.. except for them being rather huge I love em ^^

I'm going to UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County)
It is about half an hour from my house
I'm going to major in Digital Imaging; making animations and films and graphics and whatnot...

and here is my address and home phone number just in care you were wondering that as well... ^_^

2002-08-19 14:11:19 ET

ah, and you're moving out? it's pretty close school is like an hour to an hour and a half commute every day :-\

2002-08-19 14:22:13 ET

If I wasn't going to live away from home then my family would be living away from home. I need away from them. GRAR!

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