2002-06-12 03:52:31 ET

I'm just curious, what is the point of all these journal things? I don't know any of you. I most likely never will. So why am I spending my morning reading meaningless comments in people's journals here? Why did I even spend the time to create this journal? I have two others already...

Thinking about things like this always ruins the rest of my day. I stay up all night pondering space-time ratios and how maybe it is possible to travel faster than the speed of light, and all I get in return for my troubles is no sleep and a headache in the morning.

I just want to know some things.
-Is the universe really infinite? If so, how is that possible? Can we, human beings, truly comprehend the enormity of infinity?
-Why is it that billions of people can all believe in the same non-existant god, yet not one of them can agree on a government system? We get into wars and bomb other countries because they don't follow the same laws as we do.
-What makes us human, exactly? Do we have a special kind of consciousness that separates us from animals? Or are we just like them? Does my cat realize that it's alive?
-What makes computers work? How can a person just solder a bunch of wires to a circuitboard and make a visual on a screen? What series of electrical occurances creates a working comuter, or TV?

That's all my tired brain can pull out right now. More questions on life and society to come.

2002-06-12 05:08:31 ET

there is no point

2002-06-12 06:29:01 ET

- i believe that the universe does that twisty wrap around thing (i forget the word for what that is) but it's sort of cylindrical and there's that whole idea about how if you can get two points in different spots in the universe to align and there's the presense of a wormhole then you can go through...bleh...something like that...ever read Steven Hawkings?
...oh and i found this...


-well people don't all believe in the same god...nor do people all believe in god in the same way. god, like many things is an entity of social co-construction of ideas about the world and the surrounding universe...i believe utopian socialism (aka - anarchism) is the way to go essentially.

what makes us human? that i have no idea...but i don't think animals have a consiousness ...at least they don't have it in the same manner that we do. also...animals don't have language exactly...so, it's near impossible to formulate ideas and future thoughts without the ability to use language. i mean can you or anyone remember to a time before you were able to speak? no, you can't (at least not as far as any study on the topic of memory has shown)...and why is that? probably because you had no language with which to recall the memory with in your head...to go beyond purely visual memory you have to have some sory of language.

i have no clue how a computer works really...my knowledge there is really rather limited... :-\
i know how to solder though!

2002-06-12 14:23:02 ET

hehe, thanks for your insight. And soldering is good, yess.

2002-06-12 16:24:51 ET

It's best to think of how computers work in terms of its components and how they interact rather than on the micro-electronic level. No computer user sits there thinking about exactly which transistor is directing what impulse where and how that gets to the next, and the next, and the next, and eventually a collection of electrical impulses get interpreted in your graphics card and sent to the monitor to be interpreted and directed...

There would be no point in knowing. You (and I) don't have the equipment to manipulate the computer on that level, so its best to know the computer on the level that we do manipulate it: Connecting data cables, power cables, cards to the motherboard, and peripheral devices.

"Spare me the techno bullshit," you say? I'm so sorry. :P

2002-06-12 17:06:40 ET

I'm just curious about how it all works. I want to be able to make things with the knowledge.

2002-06-12 20:11:33 ET

To make things with that specific knowledge you would need some pretty heavy equipment. You think they put processors together with tweezers? (Don't answer that, I know you don't.)

2002-06-13 05:45:23 ET

What, you mean they DON'T??!! *cries*

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