2002-06-14 14:42:47 ET

Alright, so I've been led on again. He tells me to call him Monday, I do, at which time he tells me to call him on Friday. I do that today, but he's busy and he'll call me back at 3. 4:00 comes around and he hasn't called, so I call him. I finally get in touch with him at 7:45 and he barely talks and says he'll call me when he's not busy.

Thanks for making a complete fool out of me.

2002-06-14 15:04:57 ET

wtf? what a jerk...if you ask someone to call you at a certain time you should make yourself available. i mean sure there could be a possible excuse as to why ...you might have something unexpectedly come up or whatever... bah! people = grrr

2002-06-14 15:32:40 ET

I dunno.. happens all the time to me so..
I should just take the hint and never talk to him again.

2002-06-15 01:07:19 ET

yeah seriously...if he wants to see you or whatever he'd seek you out so...

2002-06-15 14:30:51 ET

heh... might as well go back to chasing girls (which ends up just as fruitless).

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