Well, let's see, there's not a whole lot to share about me.

I love females.
My cats are my heroes.
I hate preps and jocks.
Pink Floyd rocks.
Black Michael Jackson rocks.
I just recently started smoking.
I hate my father.
I <3 Cheese-Nips.
Sleeping is the greatest invention evarr.
I'm different, and I love it.
I'm partial to red-heads and goths. (Dun ask me why, I don't know.)
I just recently broke up with my girlfriend.
I'm sick of school and everyone in it.
I hope my father finally leaves this Spring Break.
I think racism is funny, but not cool.
I'm not a homophobe.
I'm trying to figure out if I'm bi or not.
I'm NOT emo.

 Fight Club    2007-03-19 08:58:21 ET
So I just became the manager of my school's Fight CLub. No, seriously. I'm setting up matches for the spring, and I plan to sell tickets, concessions, etc. I'm gonna make a profit off of this.