Getting settled in...
2005-03-30 05:56:14 ET

so there, I got a bloody Subkultures account D, I hope you're satisfied. And I even made the effort to decorate it. *miracle*

Also, I was bored as all hell so I made a ton of Rosiel icons for you D, in case you'd like me to give you a Rosiel layout here as well. Ah, obsession is fun.

2005-03-30 06:02:51 ET


2005-03-30 06:05:40 ET


2005-03-30 06:43:57 ET

welcome. were you on here before?

2005-03-30 08:00:00 ET

welcome to SK.

2005-03-30 08:02:29 ET

Welcome to SK. Where is Florida are you? Skav and I are in Hollywood.

2005-03-30 08:43:51 ET

nicedream: thanks
delete yourself: thanks
analog sky: thanks, and nope I've never had an account here before, why?
DJ-Ekim: thanks
Azmodan: I'm in Holiday, the Tampa Bay area basically

2005-03-30 09:40:31 ET

Oh yeah, welcome.

2005-03-30 09:58:02 ET


I totally agree with you... Raymond is god!!!

2005-03-30 10:17:53 ET

Welcome! (for the second time...seeing as I already pmed you)

2005-03-30 10:45:59 ET

I'd like to say, for the record.. Raymond Watts sucks ass.
En Esch is where its fucking at.

2005-03-30 11:01:42 ET

ive heard many wonderful things about you from pamla :-D
welcome to the wonderful, amazong world of
youll find its like crack, except arguably healthier.

2005-03-30 11:09:51 ET


2005-03-30 11:29:57 ET

Your name sounded familiar, but maybe that's from entries and links I've seen posted on a certain mysterious unnamed SK member's page. ;P

2005-03-30 11:58:51 ET

No, there was someone here with that name before, I believe....

2005-03-30 12:15:30 ET

its the background... It reminds me of... ... DivineDecay?

2005-03-30 14:57:57 ET

Welcome to SK! *Glomps* What did I tell you, it's awesome, it kicks LJ's arse! And I always get what I want, heh. ~_^
DJ Ekim: Well, it would, since Luciferette is my best friend of nine years. We are eerily alike, oh, the spookiness of it. *Does spooky finger thing*

2005-03-30 15:01:59 ET


2005-03-30 15:45:47 ET

DivineDecay: ::uber glomp:: Bwahahahaha! one-upped again! Just wait till I get back to CA in July! So much glomping... Lucifer x Rosiel fun. ^_~

DJ-Ekim: While I respect your opinion on musicians, please do me the courtesy of NOT dissing my favorite musician in my own blog. Thank you.

2005-03-30 15:49:53 ET

do me the curtosy of admitting En Esch is better! lol.

2005-03-30 15:54:46 ET

Sorry, I can't agree. Love him to death but as noted in my bio, Watts is my music GOD. =P

2005-03-30 15:55:38 ET

may I ask why?

2005-03-30 16:01:48 ET

He's one of the only musicians who I have enjoyed everything I've heard them produce. I love his style, his talent, his fucked up lyrics, the melodies/beats, the fact that he is willing to experiment with numerous other musical styles and incorporate them into his own, etc. He is also in many of the other bands I enjoy. Yes, many a reason why I love him.

Once again, I don't care if you think he's the worst thing ever or whatnot, but I would appreciate keeping the Watts-bashing to a non-existant level in my personal blog. Thanks love.

2005-03-30 16:03:49 ET

find it fuck it forget it.+

2005-03-30 16:04:27 ET

you must not understand my sense of humor.

and Delete: you forgot "FOREVER"

2005-03-30 16:05:00 ET

indeed i did...

2005-03-30 16:05:35 ET


2005-03-30 16:06:00 ET

Humor? What is this humor you speak of? Sorry, not always easy to tell in text when one is being serious or not. But hey, you asked so I answered. ^^

2005-03-30 16:06:49 ET

well it was a half-humor really.
I do actually prefer En Esch over Watts... but I have no real beef with Watts.

2005-03-30 16:07:41 ET

I can deal with that. ^^

2005-03-30 16:11:34 ET

To my man, Watts: 'Nuff Respect

2005-03-30 16:14:35 ET

Slide Rail: ^_^

2005-03-30 16:33:37 ET

Well shit.... always hear/read Pam mention you and now here you are.
Welcome to SK.

2005-03-30 16:57:00 ET

Welcome to SK!

2005-03-30 17:14:06 ET

Phoenix: Yes, now you can read about my wacky adventures first hand! Ain't you just so lucky?

Siren (and everyone else who welcomed me that I didn't thank individually): THANK YOU!

2005-04-07 08:11:56 ET



oh there we go

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