I love being androgynous!
2005-03-30 16:25:13 ET

Ok, so a couple days ago I went on a manga buying binge - no really, a binge. I think I spent nearly $150! Course I did get around 15 new mangas so at least that's something...I think. Anywhosel, I go up to the counter to pay for my loot and the guy at the register starts ringing me up and goes "Did you find everything you were looking for, sir?"

I think I nearly busted up laughing, not for being mistaken for a boy, because a) that's happened before, b) I think it's great, and c) I have gotten numerous compliments on the bishiness of my androgyny. However, I was wearing a tank top that showed a wee bit of cleavage...granted under a guys jacket but cleavage man, cleavage! How many guys have cleavage? Wait...let me rephrase that, how many tall, skinny guys have cleavage?

So, continuing on, I answer "Yeah, I found everything I needed for now."

And he goes, "Glad to hear it, sir." Ok, so now I know this guy has something wrong with him because even given the benefit of the doubt that he simply didn't notice I have boobies, I do not really have a guy's voice...at all. But still, it made me smile and bodes well for this summer (and beyond) when I continue on with crossplay.

See what you started D! Damn you and your compliments on my bishiness! (And damn all my other fangirl friends for agreeing too!)

2005-03-30 16:31:45 ET

fucking ay.

and i thought my friends were manga freaks.

i would ask what ya got but it sounds like alot to list off.

2005-03-30 16:35:02 ET

still....list it off lol

2005-03-30 16:35:09 ET

wow... its rare to find a guy that doesnt notice boobs.

2005-03-30 16:36:29 ET

especially ina manga store. You would think that would be the first thing that he noticed......maybe if you were animated he would have seen them quicker

2005-03-30 16:44:34 ET

Dude. Now I wanna see a pic :P

In other news, yer icons are awesome :)

2005-03-30 17:23:06 ET

Manga List:
Angel Sanctuary (english): #1-6
Model (english): #1-5
Pet Shop of Horrors (english): #3-4
The Tarot Cafe (english): #1
XXXHolic (english): #2-3

LOL, and to be fair, this was my first time buying new manga in forever (well over a year) but I couldn't resist, they are finally releasing them IN ENGLISH (no more online translators all the time).

Azmodan: Well, to be fair this was at a Borders book store, not a "manga" store so yeah. Not really sure if that excuses it but whatever.

Femmorpheus: LOL, well, I need to get some good pix of my "bishiness" but here and here are pix of my femme self and here is me crossplaying Lucifer (ignore the slicked back hair, the wind reaked havoc and ruined my styling ::sad::) And thanks for the compliments on the icons; I ♥ Lucifer.

2005-03-30 20:04:27 ET

Don't often see guys with eyes like that either.

2005-03-30 21:12:03 ET

Eh, while you do look great as Lucifer, I think you still look like a girl. Mebe I'm just biased because I know you are one ;)

::edit:: Ya know what it is? The eyebrows. At least, thats what I'm guessing...

2005-03-30 21:13:34 ET

You love it! *Points to emphasize that fact* Yea for manga, Model is uber gorgeous neh? I have all the current volumes of Angel Sanctuary, and I have all the volumes of Petshop of Horrors. If you are getting back into buying manga, here are some other titles to check out; Doll, Vampire Game, Demon Diary, Juvenile Orion, Paradise Kiss, and Under the Glass Moon. Out of those, Demon Diary is my favorite, so adorable and laugh out loud funny at times.

2005-03-31 01:58:19 ET

Phoenix: Yes, I've been told I have Morrigan's eyes actually. But considering I'm cosplaying/crossplaying anime characters I think it works out nicely.

Femmeorpheus: LOL, it's probably a bit of both, personally, I can always tell I look like a girl, even when dressed completely like a guy so I dunno. And yeah, the drawn on eyebrows do look odd for a guy, but really I know a couple guys who also shave them off and draw them on so yeah. ::shrugs::

DivineDecay: Stop encouraging me! But actually, I did put Demon Diary, Doll, and Paradise Kiss on my list of manga to collect after I am up to date on all the current ones I'm getting. Wee for similar thought patterns!

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