Pigface & Sheep on Drugs!
2005-04-24 06:36:58 ET

So we went to the Pigface concert last night, had tons of fun too! It completely made up for us having to miss Assemblage 23 the night before. The lineup, in order of appearance:

Pretty good musically (it's always hard to judge at the Masquerade though because their music system is not the best to be nice about it), very nice performance, female vocals, etc. Overall, I liked them and may check them out in the future.

Eh...decent music but it seemed pretty generic and the female lead singer seems to focus her entire performance around feeling herself up and selling her "sexiness" rather than good music. Like I said though, music was ok, just very run of the mill.

Sheep on Drugs:
The highlight of the evening! Sheep on Drugs was just awesome (what EBM thinks it is), heavy Industrial lyrics with a dance beat. This ain't your shitty VNV Nation here, this is the real deal (if you haven't heard SOD, think KMFDM with a more dance-oriented beat basically). The lead singer looked awesome too, I think I may have to copy his outfit (wishes she'd brought a camera with her...ugh). He was also very nice and Lux (who loves them to death) was thrilled because they did his fav song. This was my fav of the evening definitely, though a very close second was...

Awesome, awesome performance! They did a ton of great songs, inlcuding a cover of NIN's Suck and D's fav song, KMFDM's Godlike (with En Ech and Curse doing lead vocals). I am so happy for Curse, he fronted most of the set, and it's the most prominant role he's had in the band. Yay Curse! Plus, he's such a sweetheart and so dedicated to music. Anyway, they were great, and were just barely beat by Sheep on Drugs (personal view!).

LOL moment the first: Speaking of Curse, I totally freaked him out. I bought his "greatest hits" (essentially) CD before Sheep on Drugs came on and after spotting him again I ran up behind him and uber glomped him going "OMG OMG I fucking love you! Will you sign my CD!?" LOL, he was totally unnerved and goes "Ah, calm down girl...oh, it's Luci." Than he gave me this little glare like "You're such a bitch, you know I hate the glompings!" Bwahahaha! But it's cool, he gave me a hug before he had to head back stage.

LOL moment the second:
As we are going to the parking lot (we being me, Lux, and our friend John):
John: (extremely drunk) "So Luci, what's your friend Pam like? Is she hot?"
Me: (rolls eyes) "She's way out of your league, let's just leave it at that."
John: "Ouch."
Lux: (also a little drunk, is cracking up)
Yes, I am very protective of my best friend and equally as picky with who is allowed to go after her. Now, I love John, he's a fun guy to be around, but if he ever tries anything with D I will rip off his right arm (he's a drummer) and beat him into an unconcious state with it. He's bad news to girls...not that D would fall for his shit to begin with but yeah, don't even try it. Hell, the bastard even grabbed my ass three times last night! I let the first one slide as an accident but told him not to do that again. He did it a second time and was acting like it was an accident again which I knew it was a lie so I told him straight that if he did that again he was getting slugged. Not five seconds later, (pow, right in the right shoulder/chest area)...he learned his leason for the evening. Don't make Lucifer get punk rawk on your ass.../end of moral

So, yes, this was my evening in a nutshell. Sheep on Drugs, Pigface, freaking out Curse, hurting John physically (and a blow to his ego). It was fun. ^^

2005-04-24 09:55:05 ET

L0L! You have a ticker! I love it! Bloody hell, I want to see Pigface, but it's all the way up in LA, and I need to con, err, coax a ride from someone! Hrh, I cannot wait to meet this friend John of yours, next time he dares to touch your arse or mine, I will rip his hand off, I will warn him first of course, and I'll say to him what I say to everyone, "Oh, you laugh now!" ^_^

2005-04-24 11:05:25 ET

LOL, indeed, John can be a handful but he usually only gets like that when he's REALLY drunk. I say REALLY drunk, because he's usually a little drunk...yeah.

And yes, go to Pigface! Find a way.

2005-04-26 11:42:19 ET

glad somebody liked SOD - my girlfriend works for invisible/underground and she noticed that SOD wasn't getting a lot of support crowd-wise on the tour.

fun fact: suck originally a pigface song written by trent and martin atkins.

2005-04-27 01:56:02 ET

Well, SOD got lots of love at this concert, the crowd went crazy for them and were shouting their name when they finished.

2005-04-28 18:08:46 ET

Wait wait...let look back VnV sounded good when they where sounded like noise like praise the fallen. Now its jut gone down hill. Yet its still good heheh. I saw someone play sheep on drugs like five times and was ike you crack whore hahahahah anyway like the hat.

2005-04-29 01:47:16 ET

HelterHeart: Well, I have no problem with other people liking VNV and admittedly occassionally I can dance to one of their songs if in the right mood for EBM but in general I am not a fan. I think what really turned me off of them was that my first real exposure to their music was seeing a concert of theirs a couple years ago when they were here (and gods, they are always here!). It was just extremely disappointing and all the music sounded the same - seriously, if they hadn't stopped to preach about this or that in between most songs I wouldn't have known where one ended and the next began.

But I digress, I have many a friend who enjoys them which I respect, but yeah, I don't like them. And no, I don't hate all EBM. ^^

2005-04-29 11:03:32 ET

Ontz, all good. I just like their noise album with praise the fallen then onto other stuff. Nice, hope you guys come out soon. I like to meet the friend of pams who remains out of site.

2005-04-29 11:10:26 ET

^^ I arrive the last day of June and am looking forward to meeting everyone as well.

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