2003-01-16 08:45:22 ET
When Diane was a kid she used to sneak into her mothers closet when she wasn’t around and try on her high heels. She’d try to walk around the house in shoes 3 times the size of her feet but it didn’t really work out very well. Her mother never saw her until one day, she was walking through the hallway and tripped near the staircase. A number of loud noises were emitted, almost in slow motion, as she toppled down the stairs, the shiny black patent leather high heel shoes flying into the air, the shoes and her small body finally landing at the bottom of the steps after a long tumultuous tumble.
Diane’s mother came running quickly in to see what had happened and found her daughter lying on the landing of the steps, looking scared, distressed, and all in all in quite a bad way. Diane was lying there, breathing heavily, staring up at the ceiling, one of the lovely shoes lying on either side of her, the heel of one with a bit of blood on it. As she plummeted down the stairs along with the shoes, one of the heels had struck her harshly on the right side of her forehead. Diane’s mother looked down at her, paused for a moment with a shocked look in her eyes, and then screamed, “YOU’RE GETTING BLOOD ON THE CARPET!” Then off they went to the hospital to get the wound stitched up. Diane would never forget that day.

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