DIE    2002-12-30 13:59:27 ET
why don't i look into your eyes when you talk to me?
maybe i'm scared
scared of what?
i might melt and never be able to regain compositiion?
maybe a was just not to in grade school

i have been shaking 4 6 hours two of those hours it was because i was frozen now i just don't know it happens it comes and goes


he says he's pretty proud of me
i have been drinking lots of tea and sleping even less than usual wich means i dont sleep at all ahh i can't sleep
and its really becomong evident raelly to everyone LOL
mu mom even confronted me about my strange bahanvior
"you are wierd"
bang bang you're dead?
its on the wall
i'm out
its actually 46 outside
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