2002-12-20 08:26:32 ET
sooo i'm sitting at home listening to cursive i'm supposed 2 b watching my younger sister anf brother but they chose to not listen to me so i am up in my room hah they are really disobedient..
and i have to go 2 work in like an hour soo i dunno what my mom is doing cu zi can't be late.. u se she doesnt take me or anything i do very seriously.. maybe cause se lacks the knowledge of where i go when im not at home.. she looks the other wat when i come home drunk and doesnt understand hwen i sit in my room crying i understand i kept/keep alot from her..
eh everyone keeps things from their parents it aint no thang
well i been very creative lately creating large detailed collages and writing sappy poetry hmm i am teling people to draw/paint or write something for me 4 x-mas and present is however they like i'm not real big on the holidays but i like to have art my friend make it seems really personal
and my wallsr really empty and i am getting my hair trimmed in the back its raelly really poofy and well er..
lets run away to plano,texas 75024 and watch thesunset from on top of the dr pepper/seven up inc. building

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