oh she's malignant
2002-10-26 17:58:29 ET

the legendary pink dots.. oh i'm missing it grrr
anyways. i been sick 4 a while and its terrible oh well i'll get better i'm kinda sad my best friends moving away far away and i wish i could go 2 *pout* he may come back in a year or so who knows maybe he'll find perpetual bliss in thailand and not want to come back

everyone have a wonderful evening and stay outa trouble

2002-10-26 18:14:17 ET

Hey... purple... that looks familiar.

2002-10-26 19:24:21 ET

haha how odd.. it just kinda is the color of my hair thats y i chose it oi vey...

2002-10-26 19:28:32 ET

Lots of people are going pink and purple lately...

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