2004-01-12 07:11:53 ET

I slept really weird last night. I'm fairly sure I have a couple friends pissed off at me by now. I told them that I'd go over yesterday, but I never made it. I passed out on my couch. and I wasnt going to call at 330am to see if they still wanted company! So then i sat around for a few hours until 630-645 when I went outside and shovelled snow for 2 hours. when i say snow, i mean snow ice and slush. yay!

2004-01-12 08:03:06 ET

man am I glad all my snow/slush has melted, but now I am left with the dreaded MUD, dun dun dun...

2004-01-12 08:27:58 ET

i'm just glad that it's not -20 out again!!!

2004-01-12 11:01:40 ET

*sighs* It didn't get cold here this year. The coldest it has been is like 30 outside. I am so depressed.

2004-01-12 11:05:23 ET

well if you're still coming here you'll get some cold. it's jsut starting here.

2004-01-12 11:25:36 ET

oi the snow is very very evil here too :( What parts are you living in with slush?

2004-01-12 11:26:46 ET

Well I live in london. I also have a bus stop right out front of my house, so the traffic generally creates a decent amount of slush. it's amusing. except it's heavy to shovel.

2004-01-12 11:28:21 ET

yuck. That's definately the worst part of winter with all the mud/slush

2004-01-12 11:29:11 ET

it's nice out actually. just means i take my umbrella out with me. since traffic likes to try and spray ya.

2004-01-12 12:14:00 ET

we made the UGLIEST snow woman outside in the backyard today. It's really quite pathetic, seeing as how we're both artists, but it looks like something a retarded 7 yr old might have created.

2004-01-12 12:44:56 ET

Sounds like fun! (the shoveling snow part..but not really).

And your friends will get over it. Now if you're a flake ALL the time, that's different.

I need to take a trip up that way. I think it'd be fun.

2004-01-13 05:39:23 ET

yay ugly snow men! in public school my friend and I made a snowman that was SO huge... it ruled.

yes, yes you do need to take a trip.
and my friends will get over it. they wont care so much.

2004-01-13 07:56:43 ET

But Adam is a flake all the time. Thats why I wuv him with little to no love in my heart. LOL. And I will be there in 3 weeks count them...3!!!!

2004-01-13 08:28:46 ET

that's a long time to wait. lol

2004-01-13 08:29:33 ET

I know I tried to get a flight earlier...but because of money and what not 3 weeks is all I could muster up. But you should be happy its at all...stingy bastard

2004-01-13 08:41:23 ET

hahah. yeah that's me. but it's good you're finally getting up here.

2004-01-13 12:08:12 ET

Yeah I am halfway excited. lol.

2004-01-13 13:09:34 ET

i guess that's better than dreading it? lol

2004-01-13 13:19:24 ET

true...very true

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