2004-03-24 14:39:34 ET

Today's the birthday. I want technicare, but nobody's going to spend 100$ on a gallon bottle for me.
I get cheesecake though.

2004-03-24 14:40:19 ET

happy birthday! :)

2004-03-24 14:44:29 ET

Happy Birthday! You said you fuck around online a lot, do you play FFXI online?

2004-03-24 14:51:00 ET

fuck around... yes.
waste my time/money/life... well ok yes. but not on that tripe!

I'm currently playing FF8. everything after 9 has been really subpar

2004-03-24 15:03:33 ET

whee. Your birthday is 3 days after mine.

2004-03-24 15:04:04 ET

"It's your birthday, it's your birthday.. you're the lucky boy OR girl..."

hope it's a good one, hon.

2004-03-24 15:07:10 ET

happy birthday!

2004-03-24 15:08:34 ET

hmm. I get cheesecake, that makes it good right?

I tend not to think about getting anything for my birthday. that doesn't happen. and the comradery of my family is just completely contrived, so I'll be running away come 11pl

2004-03-24 15:08:41 ET

pM. dammit.

2004-03-24 15:10:08 ET

running away to some place with overly loud music I hope?

2004-03-24 15:12:22 ET

Naw.. but some place that has unlimited hot water!

2004-03-24 15:14:57 ET

woo birthdays..yum

2004-03-24 15:15:59 ET

are you eating my birthday?

2004-03-24 15:17:25 ET

i was hoping it wasnt obvious

2004-03-24 15:17:35 ET

HAPPY BRITHDAY! *hugs and kisses*

23 now?

2004-03-24 15:18:10 ET

Do you play any MMORPGs?

2004-03-24 15:20:31 ET

let's see here...
1. My birthday doesn't taste like PB~!! lol

2. yes.. 23... i'm old. shoot me.

3. since MMO isn't ringing a bell.. I'll go ahead and say no.

2004-03-24 15:20:33 ET


2004-03-24 15:21:09 ET

well you must spread some on it and volia! its perfect

2004-03-24 15:21:47 ET

that's me!

2004-03-24 15:22:18 ET

I don't think my birthday wants to reak of peanuts....tyvm!

2004-03-24 15:23:17 ET

Massively Multiplayer Online, such as Ultima Online, Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, Star Wars Galaxies...

2004-03-24 15:24:47 ET

Never touched any of those..
I tend to be too chatty to get involved in online gaming...

2004-03-24 15:26:34 ET

Oh okay. So back to classic gaming lol. Did you play The Legend of Dragoon?

2004-03-24 15:30:31 ET

I never finished that game... stopped somewhere on disc 3 I think.
It's a wonder I don't own it. It's only like 15$

2004-03-24 15:32:23 ET

Yes and well worth it in my opinion. What about Mario RPG on Snes?

2004-03-24 15:34:57 ET

bought it when consumers distributing went outta business, then sold it after i conquered it for like... 3 times what I paid. heh

2004-03-24 15:39:15 ET

Awesome. You into table top?

2004-03-24 15:40:37 ET

Played it a bit... was fairly boring. I tend to get distracted with other things. like drifting off and singing to music. hah

2004-03-24 15:50:49 ET

Yeah. Thats understandable. I did the tabletop thing, now I prefer computer/video games.

2004-03-26 16:18:51 ET


2004-03-27 05:28:21 ET

Yay for distraction

2004-03-27 18:57:53 ET


2004-03-28 13:54:35 ET


2005-09-08 05:40:03 ET

Happy Birthday!

Oh...and you can never go wrong with cheesecake.

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