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Stereotypical.Mind Fucking.Mind Numbing.Pretentious.Spectacular.Over-analytical.Smarty-pants.Shy to the extreme.Sarcastic bitch.Spend too much time on video games.Over-Zealous.Trendy Fuck.Sucker for a fatty.Dynamic.Schizo.All work and no play makes KristinaLynne a dull girl.A perpetural mystery I doubt you'll ever figure out.Who am I kidding?? MyGen Profile Generator .

Favorite things:Boys who have pink hair-Boys who wear eyeliner-Girls with bitch bangs-Cucumber rolls-Big boots-Cartoons-Apple pucker plus vanilla vodka-Foreign films-Camas/Washougal, Washington-Making girls jealous-Text messaging-Cuddling-Satin sheets and pillow cases-Strutting my stuff-Driving around aimlessly-Walking around in my underwear-My bamboo-Sitting at cafes with a good book and my Camel wide lights-Shopping-Writing poetry-My candle collection-Traveling-Stuyding (hee hee, that's it, I guess.)

Favortie bands: (This is always hard for me, I can't think of them all.) Rasputina-Mindless Self Indulgence-Fiona Apple-Letters to Cleo-Portishead-My Chemical Romance-White Zombie-Something Corporate-Further Seems Forever-Bad Acid Trip-The Virus-Marylin Manson-NIN-VNV Nation-Hot Hot Heat-Soul Coughing-Murder Dolls-Violent Femmes-Moldy Peaches-Coheed and Cambria.

Favorite movies:Donnie Darko-Bio Dome-Tank Girl-Rocky Horror Picture Show-Cowboy Bebop-Heathers-Bowling for Columbine-Fahrenheit 9/11-Suicide Club-9 Dead Gay Guys-The Exorcist-SLC Punk-Queen of the Damned-Trainspotting-House of 1000 Corpses-First Wives Club-The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

Favorite books:Beijing Doll-Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs-Cherry-any Marquis de Sade book. ( I read more than this, these are just my favorite *smile* )

AIM: kristinaistehsux

Yahoo!: frankensteinxgirl


gallery 2  

2006-09-11 09:39:16 ET

I handmade these puppies.

I'm willing to ship a pair to anyone willing to pay *smile*

2006-06-20 09:00:19 ET

oi, i give up.

2006-05-12 15:32:06 ET

anyone good with html?

i hope ya'll like.
2006-05-10 21:25:11 ET


2006-05-10 04:58:02 ET

i will soon have new pictures up :)

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