2002-08-10 13:46:44 ET

ok. so today is very fucked up. a good friend of mine was hit by a train... a fast one.

2002-08-10 14:16:41 ET

omg.. thats very fucked up *hugz*... i hope you feel better..eventually

2002-08-10 14:41:39 ET

awwee hun!!! I am soooo sorry I wish I was there to snuggle with you!!!! I am sending lots of love your way!!!

2002-08-10 15:29:04 ET

yeah. i've had a few ppl call already... got some plans for during the week now! (bad ones, but yknow...)

at least my wardrobe allows for this shit...

2002-08-10 16:31:05 ET

awwww... death sucks...

2002-08-10 17:00:25 ET

Im really sorry, Adam. Feel better. My condolences.

2002-08-10 19:36:50 ET

I am sorry dear...very very sorry!!! *hugs* I would have called you when I first read about this...but I was at work!!! sorry babe!!!

2002-08-11 08:22:50 ET

i'm doing ok. i've gotta call dan, he doesn't know. such a busy weekend too...

2002-08-11 08:27:29 ET

I'm so sorry to hear about that.. untimely deaths are such tragedies along with any deaths. My condolences! I hope you recover alright.

2002-08-11 09:43:41 ET

When I get home from work adam if you are on...I will give you a 6 hour phone call hehehehe lots of love

2002-08-11 09:54:48 ET

I'll be in toronto hun... but thanks :) hopefully i dont get home too late.

2002-08-11 11:00:36 ET

alrighty...well my love is with you!!

2002-08-11 21:58:33 ET

thank you hun...

2002-08-12 19:13:56 ET

Ack... Sorry about that. I hate it when people die when it's not by natural causes... like I knew a guy who died when he fell off a bridge. That sucked. And they announced it on the PA system at school at the end of the day, too, so everyone was crying when classes got out.

2002-08-12 19:16:20 ET

It's weird having a good friend die like that. I mean I start finally getting happy things in my life... and they seem to just push other happy things out. I don't know.

2002-08-12 19:20:46 ET

I hate that too.. I hate shocking deaths. Sucides.. those hur the most. *hugz* life is a tricky thing that makes no sense..

2002-08-12 19:24:15 ET

suicide wouldn't hurt as much as this. nope.

2002-08-12 19:25:48 ET

True... I guess it's more shocking when they don't intend for it to happen.

2002-08-12 19:30:20 ET

Yeah. this was just BAM. gone.

2002-08-12 19:32:44 ET

Death is a part of life though. yes it shoudld be mourned but it will happen to all of us.. i know it shouldn't have happened like that though, and for that i am so deeply sorry.

2002-08-12 19:35:16 ET

I wish I could've seen her body.

2002-08-12 19:39:41 ET

Why do you wish that?

2002-08-12 19:41:35 ET


2002-08-12 19:45:01 ET

oh. when is the funeral?

2002-08-12 19:58:19 ET

it's in the morning... and i cant sleep

2002-08-13 06:33:39 ET

good luck. *hugz*

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