2003-01-13 12:38:15 ET

hopefully this works. here's some pictures. or maybe just 1.

2003-01-13 12:53:27 ET

It dident work

2003-01-13 13:29:05 ET

ouch... lol

2003-01-13 13:29:42 ET

i see none..

2003-01-13 13:29:47 ET

the new pic is the black and white one. i forgot you cant add pictures to diaries here. lol.

2003-01-13 13:30:31 ET

oh haha shows how much i know...

2003-01-13 13:31:10 ET

haha it's ok. i should've been more concise. *pat pat*

2003-01-13 13:32:52 ET

lol...i like your avatar pic

2003-01-13 13:35:07 ET

yeah that's like 2 years old...

2003-01-13 13:36:19 ET

LOL..nothing better then old pics...damn i should post some old pics

2003-01-13 13:37:52 ET

i was at least a little more innocent back then. lol

2003-01-13 13:39:24 ET

innocence pshh, who needs it..;) lol just kidding

2003-01-13 13:41:05 ET

I did away with it as soon as I could! well there's a bit left here and there...

2003-01-13 13:41:44 ET

haha im innocent in ways, but in other ways im not...hehe

2003-01-13 13:43:14 ET

Well I'm still virginal in a few spots. haha. but I doubt I'm all that innocent. I've seen alot of weird things.

2003-01-13 13:45:09 ET

i've SEEN a lot of weird things but i haven't expericanced alot of weird things.... but my mind is a little to perverse for my own good sometimes, i think..lol

2003-01-13 13:46:33 ET

naw there's no such thing as too perverse! Just means others are too insecure to handle the thought. I know I have extremely morbid and perverse thoughts.

2003-01-13 13:50:01 ET

haha awesome.... ya today i think i creeped some guy out on the bus... i was just kidding around, and i was like, you know what i've always wanted to do, put a cat in a microwave... it was just a joke, but i got a couple dirty looks...i felt bad..

2003-01-13 13:53:02 ET

yeah i know! wtf! it's not like you're serious. it's just more fun to share imaginations with people. you get fun ideas that way. my friend and i spent 3 hours talking about things to do with a woodchipper. lol. i'm going to his house right now actually...

2003-01-13 13:56:08 ET

hahaha thats awesome...i love saying really weird random thoughts, like out of nowhere...its great

2003-01-13 18:22:10 ET

Wow...my sexy Adam...Feb just seems so far away!

2003-01-13 20:17:26 ET

yeah exactly! randomness rocks :)

feb is far away! right now anyways. it'll get here sooner than i think.

2003-01-13 20:21:49 ET

randomness is awesome..you have to love it, its so funny

2003-01-13 20:24:34 ET

true...I will have to jump you in Feb ;)

2003-01-13 20:25:28 ET

i like to quote random things. like from shows or movies. most people have no idea what i'm talking about. especially if it's BRAK.

you cant jump me now? *pouts*

2003-01-13 20:26:03 ET

*jumps you*

2003-01-13 20:27:29 ET

hmm. it's just not the same on here. lol

2003-01-13 20:29:00 ET

I know...I know...*pouts*

2003-01-13 20:29:47 ET

haha....i'll quote things out of like disney movies or any movie or stupid songs..cuz im a st00pid geek

2003-01-13 20:30:00 ET

it can be fixed......

2003-01-13 20:30:25 ET

woot! nothing like st00pid g33ks. lol.

2003-01-13 20:30:34 ET

True true...*hugs*

2003-01-13 20:31:55 ET

no im not even privelaged enough for "st00pid g33ks" , its more like stupid fuckwad or something along those lines..

2003-01-13 20:32:39 ET

*snickers* you'd fit in nicely here.

2003-01-13 20:33:15 ET

fuckwad....hahahaha someone called me a chezzedork!

2003-01-13 20:34:34 ET

someone called me a triple bagger, one for my hed, one for his and one for his c0ck...wow people are so nice

2003-01-13 20:36:33 ET

hmmmmmm I think people have nothing better to do then come up with notsoclever sayings to call people

2003-01-13 20:37:43 ET

you know your ugly when...haha meh i don't care what people think anymore anyways, they can lick it, if they don't like me...haha

2003-01-13 20:39:09 ET

interesting concept...."you dont like me....lick it!" i like it....I am using that one day!

2003-01-13 20:40:18 ET

hehe feel free to :), usually i'd be like "if you don't like me you can lick mah ballz"...lol..but thats cuz im l053rc0r3

2003-01-13 20:41:14 ET

Well I dont have Ze ballz....but its all good!

2003-01-13 20:43:03 ET

me either, but i have this thing where when ever someone pisses me off, its like my instant saying haha its quite comical, i was talking to my mom and she was complaining about my stepdad and i was like say "randy lick mah ballz", and she cracked up, it was great

2003-01-13 20:44:44 ET

hey, licking is fun!

2003-01-13 20:45:58 ET

I am no a fan of ball licking...though the concept of "lick it" still cracks me up....

*licks Adam*

2003-01-13 20:46:29 ET

well i've never licked balls. so who knows.

2003-01-13 20:49:07 ET

uhh no comment...haha jk

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