Kinky dream?
2003-07-24 21:41:45 ET

Today I commented to my teacher a dream I had some weeks ago:
I once dreamt that she, her boyfriend and another crazy girl called Kathy, all from the orchestra Iím in, they wrapped me in one of those shirts for demented people, they wrapped me also with some ropes, then left me hanging from a ceilingÖ I was hanging upside down; they where like moving me back and forth, I donít know if I felt more like a drunk bat or a piŮataÖ anyway, Iím not sure how does this sound I remember I liked it! I was enjoying it... ha, say... am I kinky?I commented that to Susy and she laughed a bit. Then also told her some dark-humor jokes and also made her laugh a lot, making someone laughs feels good.

Itís strange, I hadnít post here for tow days in a row. Oh well, so Iíll keep posting dreams (like done before) or weird things if nothing else occurs to write here.
Oh... and thanks to her, my new nickname is Death! ;) yup... here comes Death to you.

2003-07-24 21:56:15 ET

oh?!Ņ! you like to be tied up, do ya?????hehehe

2003-07-24 22:05:20 ET


2003-07-25 07:48:01 ET

my second thought - the first being that maybe you were kinky - was that this sounds like the Hanged Man card from the tarot. He represents surrender, in the Buddhist sense of letting go and accepting.

2003-07-25 20:51:23 ET

The buddhist one seems more accurated.. heh, it's strange, cuz my violin teacher's birthday is apparently the same as the Buddah.

2003-07-25 21:44:39 ET

yeah yeah i agree with trickster maybe handman. but you were enjoying it? yeah that is kinky!

2003-07-26 11:59:58 ET

Hmm very kinky.

2003-07-27 20:06:49 ET

Im going with kinky

2003-07-28 22:12:46 ET

Heh... now a friend has recently said to me something that I do can recall as kinky (for me)... the really strange is that she's not subkultural at all, she's neither too eye-candy girl, but she's like a very happy-tender girl, uhm, in a kidding way she said "I feel like hitting you, you're like beat-able, and kick-able" uhm... haven't I say something about masoquism around here?

2003-07-29 03:56:38 ET

Hahaha. If i were you id watch out lol. I don't know maybe that dream was a sign that you should get into BDSM... =}

2003-07-29 21:50:33 ET

heheh ^_^

2003-07-30 04:41:48 ET

Never know ;}

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