What the fuck?
2003-01-19 16:50:01 ET

You know you must have to have seen at least one What-the-fuck thing someday. Well, last Friday I was on the bus and behind me there was this really insane man, he was all dirty and talking like if he were drunk, the really weird was that he kept asking to another man near to him if he wanted to be burn... yes burn!!, he was really nuts, was asking all over again to the man ďhey, man, do you want me to light you up? Címon man, I know you want to, huh? So? Do you want me to set you on fire? Huh? Why no? yeah, címon, I know you want to? Címon, címon, I know you want to be burn, wha? Are ya afraid? Yeah, youíre afraid... nah, you want to be on fire huh? ...here, I have a lighter, let me burn you know, huh? Come on, now, yeah do you want to be burn? Yeah, do you want to?...Ē he kept asking the poor man near him the same question for about 15 minutes... 15!!! It was really weird, I guess this is the What-the-fuck of the month now.

2003-01-19 16:54:43 ET

Poor homeless guy. Sad sad :(

2003-01-19 16:57:19 ET

Yeah, I could also bet he was homeless, he was so nuts... 'twas funny but I think if he have done something to I'd go to beat him up or something...

2003-01-19 16:58:50 ET

lol, sometimes you wanna crawl into other people's heads and see what they're thinking. This would be an exception, however :)

2003-01-19 18:00:21 ET

That's scary stuff!

2003-01-19 20:45:07 ET

A couple month or so ago, I was getting my hair cut. And this creepy old man came in to the Barber Shop and said he wanted his hair cut. He seemed like a normal person and was having a normal conversation with the barber and everything, and then he said he came to Montana (where I live) from California to start a ranch. Which seemed resonable... then he said he wanted to build a huge building and have half of it to the the FBI HeadQuarters, and the OTHER half for sick dying children. He said that he could heal the children himself because God gave him the power too. He also said he could bless the Barber Shop so it gets a lot of business. Then he said "Do you know Harrison Ford?" and the barber said "Yea, I do..." and he said "I am him." Then he said "Do you now Tom Brokaw?" and the barber said "Yea..." and he said "I am him." And he kept going on saying different actors and people. As he was leaving he said that he was going to go get more people to move to Montana because God told him to... Well, a little bit later when I went in, the barber said that a couple days after he came in, a couple guys came in looking for him. As it turns out, he was insane and they were keeping him in some home and he got out... Well... there was my What-the-Fuck.

2003-01-21 17:15:39 ET

SuhleapDevil: Wow, that's sure another cool What-the-Fuck! That would be awesome to see.

2003-01-21 19:19:51 ET

lol my life is a big....What the fuck! those are some crazy stories

2003-01-22 04:05:28 ET

i work at a mall and this guy came into our store telling us that he was going to build a bomb and blow it up, but that he would warn us first because he liked us??? That was strange enough, but then when the police came later in the day to arrest him (he's a nut, he hangs around from opening to closing walking in circles talking to himself)they handcuffed him. He had his hands locked behind his back and he was trying to inch his head around to see them screaming " melt melt MELT MELT MELT". APPARENTLY he thought he was a vampire with "special powers". Thats what the police told us later anyway. sheesh.

2003-01-26 17:54:36 ET

the world is full of crazy people but thats what makes life interesting :)

2003-01-27 19:20:03 ET

THe FoLLoWiNG "WTF" MoMeNT is BRouGHT To YoU BY TeRRoR (THe OFFiCiaL HaVoC WReaKeR of SK.NeT):


MaLKaViaN - YoU HaVe NoW BeeN WReaKeD By HaVoC!


2003-01-28 02:42:17 ET

JeepJulie panics

2003-01-28 19:52:54 ET

BelmontBat: heh, that's crazy and also interesting to see.
Pokey1445: Yep, that's the way it is.
TeRRoR: o_O wow, excellent! I've been wreacked by Havoc, I'll follow the wreaker leader!

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