How am I doing on music now?
2003-07-31 22:24:44 ET

I donít know if anyone remembers this and this thing I had I year ago about I had to do like a sort of audition to see how was I improving on the violin. Well, Iíll be doing it again, but this time Iíll be playing the cello! Heh, cool, something different but nice, well Iíll also be playing violin, but Iím not sure what to play I havenít decided, I was thinking on maybe the Godfatherís Love theme or the Mario Bros. theme or maybe a movement from the first cello suite by Bach arranged for violin, I canít decide, Weíll see later.
Oh and I donít care how geeky this sounds but Iíll be downloading the whole album of the Zelda Ocarina of Time Soundtrack, all the 80 tracks, and if I get to find the Zelda Majoraís Mask I will too, I wsih I could but them but Iíve barely seen them on internet for shipping imported. One day Iíll buy them.

2003-07-31 22:28:53 ET

I think you should do the first cello suite by Bach

2003-08-01 04:44:39 ET

I was thinking Godfathers love theme...just for kicks..=}
Bach would deffinately be more serious...and apropriate

2003-08-04 07:25:42 ET

Yeh, I ended up playing the Godfather's love theme, because they told that Bach would be too formal for this such event... I also played the cello on string ensemble, yet I wanted the teachers to play something but they didn't, so it actually was pretty boring to me.

2003-08-04 10:35:47 ET

Eh, sorry

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