2002-06-28 07:01:13 ET

Damn! I'm not very thinking at day, unless I'm under some kind of pressure. Most of the ideas I want to write down or at least describe in this journal occur to me at night, yep, the night has like some strange power over me (how original! ha!), but sometimes at night I canít use the damn computer because I have stuff to do... shit, well, anyway...

I dreamed about the mysterious goth girl I 'followed' to give her the draw I made. Damn, it put me to think that if I ever see her again I would be so scared and blushed, because I didnít knew what she thought of it. Well... in the dream I had, she was like a bit shy about it as well as me, though it was somehow a pretty romantic... I donít know, it was just a dream.

Ok, but things still goes un...mhh well, tonight Iím going to see the orchestra performing the usual classical music... nice! Iíll see if I have something to write at night or until tomorrow.

2002-06-28 23:30:05 ET

I feel the same at times. Although a lot of times I just feel dumbfounded and have nothing to say anyway.

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