Drawing faces.
2004-01-27 20:20:28 ET

Strange stuf... some time ago my violin teacher, had told me that there was a girl she disliked because something of his boyfriend, so I met her by mirc to ask her what was her problem, she only said that she and my violin teacher had issues, anyway her name is April and I talked to her for a while; that was months ago. Then I happens that she knows one of my cousins and told him to tell me Ďhelloí which surprised me that she still remembered me since then. My cousin gave me her email so I could talk to her again, she was looking for any Lacuna Coil album, I told her that I had one, so we agreed on meet on a place and lend her the CD; I hadnít really met her, only from internet, so I met her quickly because I had other issues, gave her the CD and she thanked me.
Then, we had been chatting for some days, and I told that when I met her she looked pretty to me, and that Iíve been feeling likely for drawing again, so I asked her if she wanted me to draw her, she seemed somehow shy but accepted, so apparently weíre going to meet again probably on Friday at 6:30 pm to either take her some photos and or try to draw her there. Mmh... knowing my social bad luck, Iím just hoping to get to be friends with her.

2004-01-27 21:02:19 ET

that sounds promising. :)

2004-01-30 21:43:20 ET

I dunno.

2004-02-01 22:33:20 ET

did you guys meet? how did it go?

2004-02-04 20:58:44 ET

Mh.. well, being shy as usual...

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