My poor Masterpiece
2002-07-05 14:26:18 ET

Oh well, I'm not angry any more. Ok, so I have just finished my most recent draw at 1:00 am. I need to say that this draw took me about 6 or 7 weeks in a row with two or three hours a day to finish it, I started almost at the same time I started the painting at oils. But this one I wanted to do it very detailed on it, besides the size of it was bigger than the others I did with a simple pen.

I have just submited to my galery at subkultures, so it's here if you miaght want to see it.

I had to resize it from the original scan because the limit size for uploading images at subkultures is 100 Kb, and the first scan was of 288 Kb. Anyway, in case you'd like to critize my modest work, you moght find useful if you see the original photo where I took it, which was from a page that SiS recomended me:

Oh well, I hope someone enjoys it.

2002-07-05 14:33:33 ET

geez man, your incredible...I love it..

2002-07-05 14:48:49 ET

It is very well done, beautiful work Malk!

2002-07-05 14:51:09 ET

*screams like a little happy 3 year-old girl*
Aw!, so many many thanks!

2002-07-05 15:10:01 ET

Wow, I really like your drawings. You did very well on her clothes I think.

2002-07-05 22:17:49 ET

now I want to frolic in a cemetary at night now

2002-07-05 23:29:53 ET

as do i.

2002-07-05 23:55:12 ET

Fuck I wish I could draw like that *jealousy* you're very good!

2002-07-06 10:16:36 ET

man, i love it, you are awesome, i can't wait to see your next one...

piercings pain and bondage

2002-07-06 19:10:41 ET

god that is amazing! your very talented

2002-07-06 20:11:25 ET

Thanks you all!
I really feel way much more comfortable showing my draws here than to regular people.

2002-07-07 08:18:48 ET were not regular? ahhhhh....nooo!....damn damn I gotta go to Abercrombie and Fitch and buy buy buy!

2002-07-07 12:15:03 ET


2002-07-07 12:31:05 ET

No you need more fiber.

2002-07-08 12:55:24 ET

Impressive, Malk. Me likes. :) If you need more inspiration, go to That's the Atrocities site (they changed their name, which is probably why you couldn't find it). The photos with the models showing off the clothing are definitely something you will love! :)

2002-07-08 19:37:07 ET

Does internet hates only me? I've just clicked from above and I can't open the site yet _`
Maybe it's the computer, I'll check it out.
Oh, and THANKS!

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