One tear, one thought. One thought, one movement.
2002-07-13 21:27:31 ET

Strange, right now I do feel apathetic, like I should most of the time. I donít know, but many times that I feel like that or sad and depressed, by just entering to it somehow gives me just a little more courage, I suppose because the bannerís quote stands right by saying "a community just for you" and thus I may feel part of it. You know, outside are a lot of people I canít stand, too many mainstream shit and stuff, then just coming to it at least makes me feel just a little more comfortable, watching some other journals or stuff, whatever.

So, it is a fact now that I am going to travel to Dallas, TX. A sir wants me to stay at his home with his family and wants me to paint some stuff, Iím not sure what, I heard something about a museum of Aztec culture... mmh, I donít really like that stuff, I donít show any interest in that but if this is an opportunity to do some art Iíll take it for now. Anyway, Iíll also spend vacations there with them, Iím not sure if Iíll be able to connect to internet at least to check my e-mail or post some stuff here. Iíll part from tomorrow at 11:00 pm, and Iíll stay probably two weeks or so, I hope no more, because I do enjoy my violin lessons... mmh, my gothie violin teacher looked so nice today with a long sleeve shirt with black and white stripes, he he, I ought to admire and stare beauty when I see it! Her boyfriend must be proud of having such pretty lady, and Iím of having a kind teacher.

Oh well, I barely started whatís going to be my new painting and I posted just a preview in the previous journal entry, but I wonít be able to continue it until I come back. Meanwhile, tomorrow Iíll go again for the Amadeus quartet of cords to hear them because I love it, then I should be preparing luggage for the travel and be ready to go.

2002-07-14 08:15:39 ET

Have a fun time then...but not too much fun!

2002-07-17 06:21:58 ET

yeah, have fun

2002-07-20 08:58:20 ET

I've finally had the time to get online in here. Damn, I haven't had fun at all here, I'm just going around with some kids and I haven't painted anything yet, blah...

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