today friday...
2004-11-12 19:02:40 ET

6:20 I woke up. 6:30 got out of bed. 6:37 went to school.
7:00 had a test. 7:50 finished the test. 7:55 had results, I passed with 90. It made me feel good.
8:00 had a free hour; took breakfast played cards with some people.
9:00 went to another class, almost didnít put attention (I donít like how the teacher explains things).
10:30 classed finished, went to another classroom to try study for the next test.
11:00 had the test. 11:45 finished it. 11:55 had results, I flunked, got me sad.
12:10 so I decided to join a bunch of schoolmates because it was someoneís birthday.
12:30 we all went to his house. 12:45 sit in the garage, played cards while others were buying the food (Ďdiscadaí tacos) and beers.
13:10 the food arrived, they forgot the drinks. 13:15 me and another guy went for more chairs.
13:30 got back. 13:50 the food arrived, started cooking. Played cards again.
14:10 the beer arrived. 14:20 the food was ready.
14:50 I ate 3 tacos. 15:10 decided to join drinking beer. 15:00 Drank, chatted, played cards, drank, played more cards.
17:00 got off, went home. 17:15 immediately went to the music school.
18:00 had sectional rehearsal (still a bit dizzy from buzz).
18:30 dizziness was gone.
19:00 had tutti rehearsal.
20:35 rehearsal ended. 20:40 walked a few blocks to take the bus; 20:55 took the bus.
21:10 keep thinking about my day in the bus like everyday. I didnít feel quite depressed at that hour like almost everyday.
21:25 got back home. 21:30 had some cereal. 21:40 watched some tv.
22:10 started feeling depressed now.
22:15 turned the tv off, turned the computer on. Listened some music.
22:30 went to bathroom.
22:40 started typing. Keep listening music.
23:00... is right now.

2004-11-13 20:23:37 ET

Just gotta comment on where you say "I know I'm not any good at it" about music, drawings and such.. Obviously you're not qualyfied to say something about your own work, your drawings are magnificent! They are stunningly beautiful! Wish I could say something about your playing the violin, but kinda hard to hear it from here ;)
Hope the depression wears of..

*big hug*

2004-11-13 20:27:05 ET

oh my, well thank you very much, I appreciate your comments.

2004-11-13 20:30:59 ET

np, all truth :)

2004-11-22 14:34:06 ET

lo sabes :)
shes right and you know it

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