crystaltearsThis is My Battle Grounds

My Trained Thought...
in the end everything will be ok. if its not ok.. then its not the end.

A true fact that i loath...
"In America today,
every 25 fucking seconds
someone is viciously raped
someone is brutally violated
250 times a day
someone is murdered
someone's life is taken
in america
this is america
this is america
and i love america
i love america"
-Fear Factory [1993]

A poem I wrote...
The worlds not clear
but im not in a cloud
not in a cloud that distorts all
i escaped that cloud that hid everything
i cried my cloud away

The cloud that told me what to do and forgot to metion the consequences
the cloud that distorted me
made me think i was being nice, instead of rude.
Rain is the only release for such a horrid cloud.

I adopted a cute lil' death fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

I adopted a cute lil' emo fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

give crystaltears more *HUGS*
I've been jealous of everyone else for having hug totals and now i have my own :)

People I Like So Far

ActuallyItsDarkness, antipathy, Athyra, femmorpheus, innerbeauty, klemmy,lylesteven, roots radical, subsonik, TeRRoR, ...

My favorite Artists

aisling, Apollyon Gabriel, Malkavian,...

i have more people of course but im kinda short on time, sorry if your not up yet and you want to be up here just yell at me. and ill fix it.
anyway i like music, cars, art, and shoes!
My life is rated NC-17.
What is your life rated?

Walker, my beautiful nephew  

life and love  

some of my art  

oh by the way2007-03-27 12:48:11 ET

by the way Robbie was a rebound... i've been with this guy, James, for the last month... actually, it's been exactly a month today... he makes me happy! he makes money too...
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new boyfriend2006-12-15 10:59:15 ET

I got a new boyfriend now, Robbie... actually he was my fling thing for 3 summers since i was 13. the other guy was too controlling and he was alwys unhappy i had to ditch him. i just wish i had figured that out a long time ago. i had to let it ride out though until i was sure i wouldnt regret it or wonder years later if i should have stayed. nothings worse than making the same mistake twice.
Robbie makes me happy and i've missed him for a long time so about 3 hours after i broke up with dave i called Robbie and i was back with Robbie 4 hours after i broke up with dave. and thas not even a record for me ... i feel hott. I replaced dave's picture with Robbie's. The only bad thing about Robbie is that i love him and i've always been in love with him but he always had a barrier around his heart so he never fell in love with me but he wants to be with me and he thinks he is falling in love with me but he's not sure so he doesnt want to say it yet. i think that makes me love him more... hes so sweet.

hey everybody dont have much time on my hands these days2005-11-16 14:05:33 ET

so i guess ill say hi to everybody here
hi faith, hi klem, hi megs, hi gabe, hi malkavian, femm, james, ... and anyone i left out hi but my time seems to be gone now and i have to say bye and good night. maybe ill get a chance to get on soon and get some socializing in but theres a slim chance of that happening... i miss the old days when i had time for the computer and friends. but lately all i have time for is school and work and redz... aauuu redz i love him he makes it all better

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