drivers ed2005-02-07 11:30:40 ET

ok yall im sorry but i havent been on the computer much for the last week or so because i have drivers ed which prolongs my school day 4 hours longer .... i have a feeling that im not going to get a project done in time to turn it in. especially considering the fact that i have about an hour a night to do anything at home and i work weekends so i have almost no time to work on research and such so im screwed. and i currently have a 79.. which is a high c... in that class. ::sigh:: there goes the straight A's.

2005-01-21 08:56:55 ET

hey chack it out

i made this in photoshop

2005-01-20 15:01:08 ET

I dont know if this will show up but i can always try


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