anybody help2005-03-19 08:00:58 ET

off the top of your heads name places where a 16year old could work

please and thank you. you guys rock.

2005-03-19 05:11:23 ET

uhm. i just got fired.
i walked into work today and my boss just looks at me and said "no work" so i checked the schedule and my name and my hours were scribbled out and next to both days it said "do not allow her to work" with a managers signature next to it. so now i am looking for another job. only problem with that is that i cant work the 25th, 26th, or the 27th, because im going to florida to visit my mom and redz.

if anybody knows of any places that are desperately hiring in norcross, georgia dont hesitate to tell me.

oreos are good comfort food right now. you know the spring color ones. instead of white stuff in the middle its the spring colors, yellow, light green, light blue and stuff.
any way i have to go back to searching

new e-mail address2005-03-14 10:51:53 ET

as most of yall know my birth mom is computer-illiterate, so whenever she has a problem with something or needs something changed i do it for her from my computer. unfortunately for her my computer skills are basic and limited in alot of ways... she still doesnt get that though. she thinks i can do everything with a computer... anyway, im getting off track like i always do. the point is her email and sn were her entire name, and she was getting tired of everybody knowing her name like that, i guess she realized it wasnt safe or something so she asked me to change it to.. something else, it took me about 5-10 minutes to do it. and then when i wanted to change myn from joeysagrlsname2-> crystaltears or something of the sort i couldnt figrue it out ::freaks on the computer:: i dont understand why i couldnt redo what i did before only for myself instead. i still dont know why but i figured another way to do it so now my email is and my sn is cry5taltear5, but still grr.
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