2005-03-19 05:11:23 ET

uhm. i just got fired.
i walked into work today and my boss just looks at me and said "no work" so i checked the schedule and my name and my hours were scribbled out and next to both days it said "do not allow her to work" with a managers signature next to it. so now i am looking for another job. only problem with that is that i cant work the 25th, 26th, or the 27th, because im going to florida to visit my mom and redz.

if anybody knows of any places that are desperately hiring in norcross, georgia dont hesitate to tell me.

oreos are good comfort food right now. you know the spring color ones. instead of white stuff in the middle its the spring colors, yellow, light green, light blue and stuff.
any way i have to go back to searching

2005-03-19 06:08:58 ET

sucks that you got fired.

try kroger!
or chik fil a!

2005-03-19 06:52:50 ET

hhmm. thats a good idea. i do live near a corner with both. thanks.
when i got home i pulled out the yellow pages and flipped straight to "automobile" i cant wait to get my career started.
right now im looking at internships at autoservice places so i can get all that stuff strated. but i have a feeling that they all require highschool diplomas and i cant give them one yet. ::sigh:: my life goals will have to wait. ill check on your suggestions now and see if theres anything near by. ill update in a bit.

2005-03-19 07:12:27 ET

thats what my dads been telling me.
i need to get an aprenticeship @ a bodyshop cuz thats where the moneys @, but im not big on popping dents out and shit.

tho i like working on honda's they are great!

2005-03-19 07:46:37 ET

i have a thing for cars. ild probably marry one if it wasnt a sick thing to do. i hate that i have to do other jobs just to get by until i graduate from high school. i want a job in auto-anything. anything with cars will do just fine. i need to learn as much as i can, i feel like im wasting my time with any other job. but theres not much i can do until someone gives me a diploma and declares me to be 18. any way kroger near me isnt hiring and i forgot that chik-fil-a is the only restaraunt on the forementioned corner.

my mom gave me a long speech a little while ago including her telling me to not get a job in food. no restaraunts. whatever.
looking into auto-anything(of course), art, petshops, and
publix <-they pay good

2005-03-19 07:57:01 ET

do they ask for proof of graduation and will they find out if i lie about my age?

2005-03-19 08:27:11 ET

Most places will eventually find out if you lie about your age. And some ask for proof of graduation. It just all depends on the place/company. I would say go to all the local stores around you ... fast food, grocerty stores, anywhere and ask if they are hiring and/or fill out an application. Most places like that will hire high school kids.

2005-03-19 09:55:07 ET

i guess thats the only thing left for me to do.

2005-03-19 10:30:12 ET

I would have a ton of suggestions if you were 18 and had a GED/HS Diploma ...

2005-03-19 13:37:17 ET

yeah i wouldnt be asking if i was 18 and had a diploma/ged, ild be in florida working on cars and going to UTI.

2005-03-19 14:23:49 ET

ok so i went into where i work... managers there at the time were deryl and david

i walk in, theyre busy as hell, and only have 6 people working, they needed me desperately, but they couldnt let me work because Margo (shes the big boss manager) wrote on the schedule "do not allow her to work" for today and tommorrow.

I say to David: what's this mean ::holding up the schedule
david:i dont know... i didnt do it... see, margo did it, thats her initiauls
me: ok so where's margo?
david: she's on vacation
me: what? how the hell am i sposed to find out if i still have a job if she's on vacation, she does something like this and goes on vacation!
david: i dont know

i write a note and get it passed to someone in the back, hand signals are exchanged, communication is secret and understood... blah blah.. i point to the office and say who's in the office in spanish, she makes the "gay" hand gesture, you know the flipping of the hand at the chest
me: oh deryl?
her: yeah

i wait a while then deryl finally comes out of the office
deryl: you wanna work tonight?
me: yeaha! but what about this ::pointing to schedule::
deryl: huh? ::looks:: oh come on ::pulls me behind counter::
deryl got on the phone and had a long exasperated conversation with someone, he looked at me for a while, while he was listening to the other person whom i assume to be Margo. i was holding my stomache with one hand like i was pregnant... uh... im not... anyway, he cused a few times and yelled a few times and finally slammed the phone down. my eyebrows raised and i just stared at his back waiting for the bad news, he came out
me: so am i out of a job
deryl: dont worry about it

he said that a few times, i think he was trying to convince the "other person on the phone" not to fire me.
anyway i guess i still have a job but im on suspension or something like that.

2005-03-19 14:25:46 ET

thanks for everybodys' help and support in this little episode and i hope deryl's not feeding me bull when he said dont worry about it. cause i will be pissed.

2005-03-20 06:36:35 ET

that sucks that you don't know what is going on.

2005-03-23 13:10:01 ET

i went to talk to margo today but she wasnt there. i dont get close to home or work until 3:00pm after school and she leaves at 1 so i have to go in to work tommorrow morning around 4:30am or 5:00am, just so i can ask if i still have a job
work sux. if i didnt have car notes to pay off i wouldnt bother keeping a job, just work here and there whenever something comes up. ::sigh:: damn car that i love so much. i'ld marry the car if it wasnt just so wrong... sad but true, i love my car too much. but hell what can i do about it?

2005-03-23 13:21:25 ET

lol ... i understand car love too

working sucks. i agree with that. i love my job but i need more money.

2005-03-30 12:22:30 ET

i think i finally came up with a plan about my uncertain job.
i applied at this car wash/lube/mobile detail place that is desperate for employees ... apparently they want one's that can vaccum... i can vaccum :)
i still havent had a chance to talk to Margo so i think when i finally do get a chance im ganna quit. i think ill like the car wash job.. ::nods:: i mean i was trying to find a place where i can be around cars or parts all day and this is perfect... well considering the fact that im 16.. this is perfect.

2005-03-30 16:53:05 ET

Good for you! I'm glad it all worked out for you in the end!

2005-04-01 11:01:34 ET

im not sure yet though. i havent been hired yet. but i hope they do hire me. i met the head hancho today and he seems really nice. his name is Greg(g).
i went in there and said "hi, are you greg?"
yes i am what can i do for you?
im megan i filled out an application
yes kimberly told me about you
... i have to tell the rest later... Baby Walker has to take a nap and this is his nap room.

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