Art Project2005-03-08 11:25:16 ET

"Artist Brochure Designs

Choose three artists form the following list to create a brochure that showcases the artists' life and work
1) Toulouse-Lautrec
2) Norman Rockwell
3) Seymour Chwast
4) Milton Glaser
5) Maurice Sendak
6) N.C. Wyeth
7) Ben Shahn
8) Alphonse Mucha
9) Paul Davis
10) Paul Rand
11) Saul Bass"

there's alot more directions and requirements ... about a page and a half. i just wanted to ask anybody... especially Malkavian, and any other SK artists if they know anything about the above artists. if you know anything interesting about these people please make it known. thank you.

on top of this project i also have a poster i have to make for a "Grease" performance at my school. and then i also have two other projects on top of that... all for the same ......... class. the first brochure is due this friday, i dont know when the second one is due or the third one. the poster is due on monday and the other project is due on tuesday im sure... i dont know but the teacher asked me why i never get anything done on time.... o_O .... right.. what a fabulous question. i thought teachers were suposed to be smart. shes a cool person other wise. ::sigh:: i guess i have to do the research in the little time im at home and put everything together in the hour and a half i have in class... otherwise it wont get finished in time. . . ugh.

stolen from fem2005-03-03 13:16:15 ET

Megan from this day forward you will also be known as:

Fluffy McNutt

crystal from this day forward you will also be known as:
Brigadier Curlyarse

crystaltears from this day forward you will also be known as:
Nibbles O'Nutty

... i find this... interesting...

and some how i feel ... they fit me.

Hey get this... instead of cheez-itz
Get yer own name

Poe2005-02-16 10:51:23 ET

Edgar Allen Poe rocks. he's my favorite author of all time.

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