2005-02-16 10:51:23 ET

Edgar Allen Poe rocks. he's my favorite author of all time.

2005-02-16 11:27:37 ET

He's cool :)
We have a norwegian poet named Andre Bjerké, he's in the same league as Poe, damn, I wish he had some poetry in english (if he does, I don't know of it) He is really, really good :)

2005-02-16 12:50:35 ET

its in norwegian? thats too bad. if it was in spanish i could figure it out
but ive never even heard a syllumble in norwegian. thats too bad

2005-02-16 14:12:58 ET

I love Poe. His satires are my favorite.

2005-02-18 15:23:31 ET

has anybody read tamerlane? really good stuff
direct link to Tamerlane

2005-02-18 15:26:49 ET

if you put it directly from the web to word it equals out to be about 9-10 pages long. i had to fiddle with the font and the spacings through out the pages, and then change the sizes and then make two columns and its took me a long time just to get it to fit on 5 pages. but it was well worth it. i read it yesterday and the day before and today as well. i am currently checking out the web site i got [i]Tamerlane[i] from for more and more of poe's doings to enjoy on a more varied diet.

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