anybody help
2005-03-19 08:00:58 ET

off the top of your heads name places where a 16year old could work

please and thank you. you guys rock.

2005-03-19 08:02:29 ET

Grocery stores.
Telemarketing firms.
Fast food joints.

2005-03-19 08:17:43 ET


2005-03-19 10:01:16 ET

WALMART! i like the way you said that megs

hey goat. never seen you before, but then again i dont know most of the people here... thanks both of ya.

i will check target, walmart, ... telemarketing firms? hmm... ill check that out too. petco, ....let me write this down...i'll check back with yall later. hopefully ill have a job by then or ill have my old job. maybe they really didnt fire me.. i kinda hope thats the case. i think if i go talk to somebody up there theyll reconsider... or theyll realize its me and say youre too much trouble go find another job. ::sigh:: whatever happens yall will find out soon enough.

2005-03-19 11:13:55 ET

From the way it sounds, I don't think you want your old job back.

You could also check some small convenience stores, sometimes they're hiring.

2005-03-19 12:36:23 ET


2005-03-19 12:39:37 ET


2005-03-19 13:05:34 ET

so? Lacey and my cousin Heather do too.

2005-03-19 13:29:25 ET

hey i got off the computer about 3 hours ago and now half the things on sk are different....
all the fonts are bigger and different
i like the new font on the top you know where it says "Hi, (your name here)"

2005-03-19 13:37:54 ET

anyway, i applied for a job at walmart, and i have to say that was not filling out an application that was taking the SAT.
anyway, after reading all the warnings and all the things i had to agree with i didnt really want to finish the application but i didnt but i dont think i could work there.
i like working where i work most of the time, oh yeah i went to check out if i was really fired and im not. full story

2005-03-19 14:38:54 ET

umm.......nothing's different............................

2005-03-19 14:39:11 ET

well, at least, mine looks the same.....

2005-03-19 15:06:53 ET

i guess im just imagining things.

2005-03-19 15:36:25 ET

I remember a store in Cali called Mervyn's. Mervyn's application had a 100 question phsycological test on it! The kind where the answer is yes or no.

2005-03-19 15:40:22 ET

these were "totally agree, very strongly agree, strongly agree, slighty agree, very slightly agree" and then replace agree with disagree and you got the other side of answers.

2005-03-19 15:43:23 ET

Doubled sided even.....

2005-03-20 05:25:27 ET

some banks have late hours and if you stick around thye usually have some sort of scholarship programmes you can apply for when it comes time for college, up here they do anyways.

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